As time and technology move forward, so does our ability to create the ideal fabrics and garments for today’s athlete and adventurer, be it professional or recreational. No matter what your goals or skill level, it’s important to give your body every advantage possible. It’s not just about what you put in your body anymore, it’s about what you put on your body. Cyberknit specializes in the newest, most advanced high performance fabrics designed for those who place a premium on quality, durability and performance.

Cyberknit is a leading U.S. manufacturer of performance fabric servicing the active wear and tactical markets since 1996. We manufacture fine gauge knit fabric from synthetic and natural fibers using filament and spun yarns. Cyberknit specializes in products that have a high intrinsic value so that our customers can differentiate themselves in today’s highly evolving and competitive marketplace. Our fabrics incorporate cutting edge technology in order to achieve the most advanced performance characteristics. Much of our development work involves the use of proprietary materials and finishes in order to most efficiently realize the highest quality specific physical attributes and performance criteria.

We place the highest priority on our customers and relationships. Being a quick turn U.S. producer allows our customers to take full advantage of the duty and quota free benefits of CAFTA as well as to participate in markets that dictate Berry compliance. We pride ourselves on our long·term customer relationships through diligent and thorough quality control, communication, loyalty and precision.

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