Technological advancement is the norm in today's active wear marketplace. New discoveries, formulations and novel approaches are constantly changing the textile landscape.

Enter PyroGuard®, the new name in heat reflective high performance fabric, utilizing our proprietary technology to provide yet a safer, thinner and more comfortable fabric and insulation blend that resets the bar as the industry standard. In creating this novel technology, our primary concern was quality, safety and protection. Under the hottest, most rigorous conditions, PyroGuard® stood up time and time again and was able to keep things cool.

Our next concern was taking weight and comfort to a new level. There is often a trade off between safety and comfort. Using our new formulation, PyroGuard® allows the thermal insulation to be less dense, and therefore lighter, with no sacrifice in comfort.

PyroGuard® comes in both flame and non flame retardant options and is most commonly used in apparel, sleeping bags, sleep systems, building insulation and vehicular insulation. Whether your goal is to keep heat in or out, PyroGuard® will control your desired environment.

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